As learning should be fun, enjoyable, and meet the needs of students, I always adapt lessons to suit the age, abilities, interest, and goals of the student. There are many different resources and techniques used, including videos and pictures, conversations and discussions, and improv exercises.

Online tutoring is available to anyone regardless of location, and in-person tutoring is available depending on distance from Bratislava. I work with both children and adults of any capability. It is also possible to work with groups, both online and offline.

Generally, I charge €25 per hour. However, as I believe that all people should be able to access the kinds of learning that they want or need, I am also open to negotiation with students and families who may need additional assistance. It is my preference to discuss pricing with people so that we can better meet each other’s needs. Email me for discussions about pricing, more information, and any other inquiries.

General and Conversational English

Focus on and improve your English language skills: speaking and listening, reading and writing, and grammar and vocabulary. All courses are adapted for fluency level and interest.

Academic English

Focus on the skills that are often required in academia, such as practicing presentations and interviews. Courses will also include reading and responding to academic texts.

Subject-Based Tutoring

This is for those who need extra time studying subjects and learning about them in English. Provides additional practice in vocabulary and further explanation in topics. This should be a supplement to classes in school, but it can also be structured for those who are engaged in self-directed learning or homeschooling.

I am available for topics of English language, literature analysis, social sciences1This includes subjects like history, geography, psychology, sociology, and anthropology., economics and business management, and environmental sciences. This also includes any students who need additional tutoring in IB or AP programs.

Essay Writing and Editing

Focus on building the skills of writing an essay in English. All courses will help build essay writing skills, including structure, organisation, and framing of topics.