Reading Together is Fun

For the past couple months, I’ve been reading two different manga with one of my students. This was largely their decision as an activity, though I did have to restrict it to manga that I could access and was in English. Though I call it a restriction, this really has kept things much more accessible […]


Using Silent Films

Silent films are wonderful tools. They can be used in so many ways, providing a background for discussion and story development. It allows people to talk about what they see as opposed to what they hear, which just supports people in developing a larger range of communication. Not all of us watch the same thing, whether it’s […]


Using Conversational References

Far too often, the conversations that people have during language lessons feel stilted and not at all realistic. They feel forced, which means that people are less likely to really engage in them because they feel like something they must do instead of something they want to do. This is pretty clear when you look at the […]


Using Improv to Build Comfort

One of my favourite activities has been improv. It’s also been something that I’ve missed quite a lot because I’ve never found other people who want to do improv, and it’s something that definitely needs a stable location to meet every now and again. But it’s such a fun way to build confidence in speaking and […]


Incorporating Interest in Learning

One of the best things for anyone learning anything—particularly for my students who are working on learning another language—is to find something that you enjoy. This much is pretty obvious because, when we think about all the things we’ve ever done, it’s clear that we really struggle to get through anything we don’t want to […]



This website, like learning, is a work in progress. As time goes on, I will be updating it with different services, projects, and things that I’ve found people enjoy doing. Occasionally, I may choose to update it with things I’ve learned from educational research. As there are a number of things that I would love […]